Lebanon "Lebnen" Tee

$19.99 USD
Lebanon "Lebnen" Tee

This is the shirt all you proud lebneni’s have been waiting for......

Lebanon has three languages ; Arabic, English , and French.

On the front, we have a Lebanon print in French , English , and Arabic

On the back is where it gets exciting.

Lebanon is a beautiful country filled with many beautiful sight seeing landmarks. We included some of the most popular places to visit in Lebanon on the map. What really makes this shirt POP is the Green Cedar on the back ; a known symbol for Lebanon.

Beautiful 100 percent cotton tee. Soft texture. High quality. ONLY at Region Wear
Designed by Ayah Kawsara. Follow her insta at @amkdrawings.
Availabe for Pre-Order 🇱🇧❤️🤝