Syria “Rose” Hoodie

$34.99 USD
Syria “Rose” Hoodie

A rose, a rose is beautiful, full of aroma but what is so beautiful can also hurt you. If you grab the rose wrong you’ll get pricked by its thorns. The rose symbolizes the pain and suffering the country has endured through the thorns but this same rose also symbolizes love and peace at the same time. For it is a simple rose that can put a smile on someone’s face, the rose symbolizes a rebirth of a better Syria. The Symbolism behind the rose being substituted for a rifle is like shouting out to the world to spread love not war. Replace each rifle with a rose and we’d have a better world.

This hoodie is a message to the syrian people that despite our differences in politics instead of aiming rifles at one another and killing our own kind let us unite and spring together as one Beautiful rose

- True To Size
- 100% Cotton
- Soft, High Quality